Hollis Wilder’s Story

Miss Holly’s cupcakes are more than the sum of their ingredients. Each one comes with story and history that led it to our counters. The recipes came from moms, aunts, grandpas (yes it’s true, not many but a few!) and grandmas. Some are simply created by our creative chefs or inspired front of the house staff. Every cupcake that is made by Sweet By Holly is truly a team effort and includes one ingredient that is not in the recipe book but is absolutely essential, and that is LOVE! We hope you get the same pleasure from eating our cupcakes that we get from making them!

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Sweet By Holly opened in Waterford Lakes Town Center, Orlando 2008. Miss Holly applied to the cupcake business all the knowledge she had gained in over 20 years of being a restaurant owner and caterer “to the stars” in Los Angeles. Of course the story starts long before that as Miss Holly’s menu was inspired by her childhood home – a place where the aroma of fresh baked goods gently fused with the fragrant, delicate flowers of her backyard garden. Holly expertly crafted those memories into simple, sweet, homey flavors worth savoring – and people took notice.

Two Locations

Bolstered by immediate success in Orlando, Miss Holly opened her second location in St. Johns Town Center, Jacksonville in 2011. As the business grew, so did the choices. Mini cupcake flavors offered daily in our case now exceed 30, and are joined by Classic size Gluten-Free and Vegan options, all baked from scratch daily! Adding to their reputation as a dessert destination, her shops soon offered 12 flavors of creamy, self-serve frozen yogurt to garnish with a heavenly selection of 48 toppings.

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In The Spotlight

Holly’s gift for crafting creative, moist, high-quality cupcakes caught the eye of The Food Network, where she went on to win popular television show Cupcake Wars – not once, but three times! Her theatrical flair for entertaining audiences (and creating incredible cupcakes, of course) was a natural fit for television and she landed next as the star of Cupcake Confidential on The Food Network’s sister station, The Cooking Channel.