3 Of The Most Popular Cake Ideas For Weddings

Wedding cake ideas are the perfect place to start for any event planner, bridal event organizer, and the bride herself.

This month we are having a guest blog by IQ Event Planning a wedding coordinator here in Orlando Florida. Next month we will go back to our regularly scheduled posts. Enjoy! 

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Other than the bride and groom themselves, what do people remember about weddings? The cake. It is one of the most important aspects of the décor, as well as one of the most memorable highlights of the wedding. Are you in need of wedding cake inspiration? Look no further! This list is filled with some of the most dazzlingly gorgeous and delectable ideas, that are sure to get your creativity flowing!

Floral Wedding Cakes

Nothing says wedding better than flowers. Floral wedding cakes are the most common style for wedding cakes. The flowers can go with the color scheme of the wedding or they can be more neutral and classic colors like soft pinks and whites. Want more wow factor? Add a little shimmer and elegance with edible accents of silver, gold, or pearls. With lots and lots of floral options available, a little wedding planner help goes a long way in narrowing down the list!
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Themed Wedding Cakes

If you’re going for a themed wedding, it’s best not to go the traditional route with your cake, and instead, go for one that fits perfectly with your theme. It’s the pinnacle of wedding coordination when your cake ties in well with the overall look of the wedding.

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Wedding Cupcakes

A modern twist on the age-old tradition. Cupcakes are a trendy and convenient option to having a traditional wedding cake. Using the same multiple-tier concept, you can beautifully and elegantly display cupcakes on all tiers, or do a mix with only on a few of the base tiers, while having cake as the top tier or tiers. You can play around with it until you find the arrangement which works best. And the best part? Wedding cupcakes make for simple and easy sharing!

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