The Best Alafaya Wedding Cakes Or Cupcakes

How do you decide between an Alafaya wedding cakes or cupcakes? Today we are sharing key factors that will help you determine which style of cake is best for your event. 

Deciding between having an Alafaya wedding cake or cupcakes is an age old debate. Your choice will depend on a few key factors, such as the size of your event, where your event is located, and the formality of your event.

Intimate Wedding

If your wedding event is an intimate affair, having an Alafaya wedding cake may be the best route for you. With a smaller event, you can enjoy the cake cutting ceremony even more than having a bigger reception. A wedding cake for an intimate wedding is the economical option because you are feeding fewer people.

Big Wedding

If your wedding is on a bigger scale, then cupcakes can be the better option. With a large wedding, chances are that some of your guests come from different areas and have never met before. Serving cupcakes will allow your guests to mingle and easily get around with them, plus it’s a unique addition to your special day!


Location, location, location. The location is arguably the most important factor when deciding whether or not to have an Alafaya wedding cake or cupcakes. If your affair is an outdoor event, you may want to suggest serving cupcakes. Serving cupcakes at an outdoor event give the guests a chance to walk around and enjoy the beautiful scenery you have chosen for your event.

Formal v. Informal

The formality of the event matters immensely. If you are having a more traditional wedding, then a wedding cake is the way to go! Watching a couple cut their wedding cake and serve it to each other while trying to smoosh it in each other’s face is a time-honored tradition at most weddings. The wedding cake cutting also provides a great photo opportunity of the bride and groom. If your wedding is more of a casual event, serve cupcakes! It will allow the guest to serve themselves and they can take some home as great party favors.

Deciding whether to serve an Alafaya wedding cake or cupcakes is a huge deal when it comes to wedding planning. But, you don’t have to let it be. Call us for a consultation to go over these key points and more when deciding whether to serve a wedding cake or cupcakes at your wedding or next event.