The Best Orlando Gluten Free Cupcakes

Here at Sweet By Holly, we have a variety of cupcakes and dessert foods that can be eaten by those with serious, or mild, food allergy concerns, and with that being said, we offer the best Orlando gluten free cupcakes.

Not only that but we also offer dairy free, and vegan friendly options.

With gluten, we’ve done our research in order to ensure we get things right when it comes to making you a delicious cupcake.

So what is gluten anyway?

Gluten Free: What it Means

Gluten is the name for a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. Gluten gives bread and other pastries their shape. This means that things that have wheat, barley or rye in it, such as bread, baked goods, pastas, and soups will have gluten in them unless stated otherwise.

Celiacs is the inability to process gluten. This disease is an autoimmune disease that can lead to intestinal damage if gluten is ingested. It is estimated that 1 in 100 people have celiacs. Many are undiagnosed and therefore leave this disease untreated; it’s estimated that 2.5 million Americans are not diagnosed and are potentially at risk for health related issues.

This is why it can be difficult for someone with gluten intolerance, more commonly known as “celiacs disease,” to find foods that they can eat without getting sick.

This is why here at Sweet, we try to make it easier for our customers with gluten intolerance to find Orlando gluten free cupcakes – through us!

Orlando Gluten Free Cupcakes


In our off menu cupcake selection, we offer a wide variety of gluten free cupcake options that are simply to die for! We have over 50 off menu cupcake selections to pick from; from chocolate to vanilla, from red velvet to white chocolate.

Each of our off menu items are customizable to your preferences.


Orlando gluten free cupcakes

We use a high quality, all purpose gluten free flour to create our signature red velvet, chocolate, and vanilla cakes.


Orlando gluten free cupcakes

The buttercreams that we make here are all gluten free.

When it comes to Orlando gluten free cupcakes, we have a large selection just for you. Stop by Sweet by Holly, and we will be able to accommodate your food preferences or order online today!