Comcast Corporate Cupcake Decorating Event

I love to get Corporate America’s hands dirty playing with icing, sugar, and cupcakes which levels the playing field and brings of the best of each of the players.  I am happiest when I can play, create, and have fun with my guests.  I get a lot of “I can’t do that”  “I’m not creative” My job as a Queen of the Cupcake Wars on the Food Network is to get people around me to preform.  Companies like COMCAST in Jacksonville Florida hire me to entertain, teach, and get creative results from the guests and employees.  I also do book signings and bring Savory Bites for the guests to nibble on from my Cookbook Savory Bites, meals you can make in the cupcake pan.    I hope to see you soon!

I do this in 3 ways

  1. I am the Boss so listen carefully and I will lead you to victory everytime
  2. I have a great tongue so trust me when I say Salmon and Cupcakes will WIN!
  3. I put heart, meaning and passion into everything that I create and you will too.  Just believe in yourself

Event Details

Date: September 21

Photos From The Event

Don\'t Forget About Mini Mania Monday! Every Monday Mini Cupcakes are just $1 each!