Our Gluten Free Cupcakes Orlando Don’t Even Taste Gluten Free

Take a bite out of one of our gluten free cupcakes Orlando. Trust us they’ll leave your mouth watering!

At Sweet By Holly, we believe that everyone deserves to taste the sweetness inside our gluten free cupcakes Orlando. Maybe for health reasons you are not able to have gluten, but no need to worry! We offer a variety of gluten-free cupcakes just for you!

A high-quality all-purpose gluten-free flour is used to create our chocolate cake, red velvet, and vanilla cakes. Any buttercream made is also gluten free. Today we’re going to explore the gluten-free cupcake menu because we think that everyone needs to taste a Sweet cupcake.

Chocolate Raspberry

For all you raspberry lovers, you get the best of both worlds with our chocolate raspberry gluten free cupcakes Orlando. Taste a delicious chocolate cake filled with raspberry. Top it off, we add a swirled chocolate and raspberry buttercream.

Chocolate Peanut Butter

We have flavors for all taste buds. Indulge in chocolate and peanut butter batter swirled together.  We like to mix things around at Sweet by Holly. Not only do you get the mix within the cupcake but we also top it off with chocolate and peanut buttercream swirled together.

Red Velvet Cream Cheese or White Chocolate

This is one of our most popular gluten-free cupcakes. It is a red velvet cake decorated with either white chocolate butter cream cheese frosting. However you decide, none the less will be delicious.

Chocolate or Vanilla:

Get back to the basics with our chocolate cake with either chocolate buttercream or vanilla buttercream. If you are a chocolate lover you can have double the chocolate, or mix it up with the vanilla buttercream. Your taste buds, your choice, our recommendation!

Vanilla Chocolate or Vanilla:

Have a bite of our yellow cake with either chocolate buttercream or vanilla buttercream. This will leave your mouth watering.

Our gluten free cupcakes Orlando, are for anyone and everyone. Just because it is gluten free does not mean they are short of delicious. The next time you visit one of our two locations, ask for this menu and don’t forget that on Mondays our mini cupcakes are only $1 each!