How A Wedding Planner Can Help You Choose The Perfect Wedding Cake

In the wedding industry trends in style and décor are constantly changing and evolving. The same has occurred with the wedding cake.

This month we are having a guest blog by Immaculate Events, an event planner here in Orlando, Florida. Next month we will go back to our regularly scheduled posts. Enjoy!

Wedding Cake

In the wedding industry trends in style and décor are constantly changing and evolving. The same has occurred with the wedding cake. Couples are often asking what type and size cake is the best option for their wedding. As a wedding planner, aside from planning décor, floral, and DJ details, I also assist my couples with choosing the right wedding cake. Whereas it may seem simple, a lot of thought goes into selecting the perfect wedding cake for each of our couples. Use these 4 tips when planning for your wedding cake.

Start Early & Set a Budget

The wedding cake is a budgeted item in my couple’s wedding budget, so we have an estimated amount in mind of what they want to spend on their cake. Then I match the desired design with the perfect baker to create their dream wedding cake.

Style & Taste

The design is important, but the taste is as equally important. Who wants to eat a beautiful cake that’s not tasty? To be sure your cake looks and tastes amazing, have a face to face consultation before selecting a baker. I direct my couples to reputable bakers that have done a great job for previous couples.  I am present at the consultation, to serve as a sounding board for the cake design and a tie breaker for flavor selections.

The consultation typically includes sharing the cake design, determining the number of tiers that are suitable to serve the expected number of guests, and of course, my favorite part, tasting various cake flavor and fillings. Yes, you can have multiple flavors for your wedding cake. In fact, most bakers will allow you to have a different flavor for each tier. This gives your guests some choices aside from the traditional vanilla cake. You can even choose flavors based on the time of year you’re getting married. For example, if you’re having a summer wedding in Florida, key lime, orange or lemon cake would be great flavors to serve your guests. If you love more flavors than you have cake tiers to accommodate, a groom’s cake can be a great option to include another flavor. The groom’s cake design can reflect special moments (i.e., a replica of the place you were engaged, or the place you’re going on your honeymoon) the groom’s favorite food or hobby (i.e., tennis, football or golf).

Finishing Touches

Once you’ve decided on a bakery that matches your design, taste, and budget don’t forget to ask about cake stands, toppers, or flowers as add-ons. If the baker doesn’t offer these items as add-ons, you can rent a cake stand from your decorator. A cake topper can be purchased from craft stores or online. Depending on the cake design you may not need a topper, sometimes less is more. Cake flowers can be added to your wedding floral order. If you want the same flowers that are being used in your existing floral design, some florist’s will provide the cake flowers at no additional cost.

You Can Eat All the Cake

Be sure to ask your baker about an anniversary cake. These days, most bakers will offer you a small anniversary cake free of charge. So, you don’t need to freeze the top tier of your wedding to eat a year later. You can serve all the cake tiers to your guests and take any leftovers home to enjoy the next day.

Whether you are planning an elegant, beach, rustic or vintage wedding, it’s important that your cake is tasty and the design ties into your overall theme or décor. This is key because the cake is not only the main dessert at wedding receptions but one of the main focal pieces.

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