Twist it, Top it, Eat it!

Taste Altering Ice Cream

“50% off Ice Cream Every Tuesday!”

Twist it, Top it, Eat it!

Super Premium Ice Cream

At Sweet By Holly our CHILLINPEACE is a new taste altering Ice cream imported from California! This is not some lightweight air filled Froyo, this is a dense rich creamy Super premium ice cream meant to be enjoyed in a reasonable portion, just like our mini cupcakes!

Create Your Own CHILLINPEACE Creation

Decisions, decisions…We have 8 flavors, 8 toppings and 8 drizzles to choose from. Each serving comes with 2 drizzles and 2 toppings if your choice! Words can’t describe what taste altering sensation you can create. Visit a sweet by holly store today and experience our CHILLINPEACE super premium ice cream.

Get a Pint Delivered!

You can get pints of our CHILLINPEACE ice cream delivered in Orlando and Jacksonville using UberEats & DoorDash!