Non-traditional Winter Park Wedding Dessert Options

Although traditional wedding cakes will never go out of style, using a unique, non-traditional Winter Park wedding dessert can be a big hit on your special day!

Why settle for a plain white fondant cake when you can wow your guests with something entirely different and tailored specifically to you and your significant other’s personality? If you’re considering trying something different for your wedding cake, take a look at some of our non-traditional Winter Park wedding dessert confections.

Mini CupcakesWinter Park Wedding Dessert

Mini cupcakes are a fun and delightful way to switch up the traditional wedding cake. You can customize multiple flavors within your order which allows your guests to pick and choose what flavors they want to try.Winter Park Wedding Dessert

They also take the hassle out of having to take time to cut up a cake and pass it out to each guest. Mini cupcakes can be arranged in a variety of displays from cupcake trees to placing them on props that go well with the aesthetic of your wedding. They can also be individually decorated allowing for a broader range of creativity when choosing color scheme and pattern.

Cake PopsWinter Park Wedding Dessert

If you are looking for something that will be tasty and unique, look no further! Cake pops are the latest non-traditional Winter Park wedding dessert that we’ve seen lately. Cake pops are adorable and will delightfully surprise your guests when they’re handed one at your wedding.

Winter Park Wedding Dessert

Much like mini cupcakes, these bite-sized cake pops are delicious can be decorated and arranged individually to fit your wedding’s overall look as well.

Non-Traditional Shapes

Winter Park Wedding Dessert

If you still want a cake for your special day but want to put a personalized twist on it, consider a cake in a shape other than around. We specialize in the beautiful geode cakes that look like real crystals. Leave your guests in awe when they’re handed a piece of cake with beautiful edible crystals. We also specialize in shaping custom cakes. Have a particular shape in mind? You name it, and our Sweet By Holly chefs will bake it!

Winter Park Wedding Dessert

We hope these non-traditional cakes have inspired you to try something different on your wedding day! Call us today for your free Winter Park wedding dessert consultation!