We Offer The Best Orlando Vegan Cupcakes in Town

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At Sweet, we always create delicious desserts that have the best ingredients, and that are for those who are opting out of eating (or can’t eat) specific ingredients, like dairy and gluten, which is why we offer Orlando vegan cupcakes.

Over the last few years, there has been an upswing in health consciousness which has lead to people focusing on gluten and dairy-free foods.

Focusing on Orlando Vegan Cupcake Options

The best thing about our cupcakes is that they’re about the size of a normal slice of cake, which means you get to have the delicious flavor of cake without the fear of overindulging.

With over 30 original options, and 20 off of our special menu, these cupcakes are rich and customizable to your preferences and health options.

In our special off menus cupcakes section, we have a wide variety of vegan and gluten-free options. If you’re staying away from dairy, these options are delicious without the added additional cost.

Chocolate Peanut Butter

Chocolate and peanut butter batter swirled together, along with chocolate and peanut butter buttercream, these desserts are made with a vegan in mind, they contain no yeast, honey or dairy.

Orlando vegan cupcakes

Red Velvet/Cream Cheese or White Chocolate

Our special Red Velvet cake is decorated with vegan-friendly frosting, too!

Orlando vegan cupcakes

The Best Options for Vegans

All organic ingredients make this the best option for vegans, dairy free or gluten-free customers. When we create our cupcakes we use an organic palm oil to create our delicious vanilla or our succulent chocolate buttercream. These tasty options go on top of either chocolate or vanilla Orlando vegan cupcakes.

So when it comes to Orlando vegan cupcakes, Sweet has much to offer you. Come to Sweet by Holly and we will be able to accommodate your food preferences or order online today!