How To Choose Your Ideal Orlando Wedding Cake

Your Orlando wedding cake should be exactly what you’re looking for on your special day. Here’s how we can help make sure your wedding cake is exactly what you want.

Your wedding day is coming up and it’s time to make some arrangements for tastings. How exciting! There are so many flavors, icings, and fillings to choose from, where do you even start!?

The Tasting

Orlando wedding cakeTastings should be fun so make sure you bring your other half so you two can decide on which flavors you’d like. We have a plethora of flavors to choose from. They range from cookies and cream to red velvet. We even have gluten-free options too.

Next, you’ll want to choose your icings and fillings. We do this by looking at the cupcakes we offer to give you a range of flavors to choose from. We can help you determine which flavors people will like to ensure they’re a favorite of your guests.

The Cake

Now that you’ve tasted some flavors and chosen some that you like, it’s time to decide which ones will make it into the cake. We can make multi-level tiered cakes of any size that you’d prefer. We can even shape them for you and add different fillings and flavors to the different tiers.

Wedding Cupcakes

Your wedding cake doesn’t have to stop at just three tiers and flavors, you can also add in different cupcakes, cake pops, and truffles. You can create a dreamy scenery of sweetness at your wedding for all of your guests to enjoy.

What some of our brides decide to do is to choose their favorite flavors for the cake, and then the other flavors are added into the truffles (cake pops without a stick), cake pops and mini-cupcakes. This ensures that everyone gets a taste of all the different flavors you and your other half like to enjoy.

Are you ready to sit down for your tasting? Great! Click here to fill out our form and let us know what day and time work best. We’ll make sure to be ready to answer any questions you have because we want to make sure your day is as special as you!