The Perfect Halloween Oviedo Cupcakes

Everyone knows celebrating Halloween isn’t reserved for only kids to enjoy. Halloween Oviedo cupcakes aren’t an exception to this rule either! Bite into one of our tasty Halloween edition cupcakes at your upcoming spooktacular event.

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to get creative with all sorts of tricks and treats. Whether you’re going for a spooky haunted house event or a not so scary kid’s party, we have the perfect mini cupcakes to have everyone howling (in a good way!).

Cookies and Cream

Did anyone say cookies and scream!? These zombie themed mini cupcakes are a chocolate-based cake with a vanilla frosting. Since the flavors of these Oviedo cupcakes are the simpler ones we’ve created, you can easily get these mini cupcakes customized into any flavor you and your guests desire. If you want chocolate frosting instead of vanilla, or maybe you want different cookie crumbles than the oreo ones it comes with, your mini cupcake is completely customizable! The mini cookie crumbles surround the zombie brain topping make for a deliciously and spooky mini cupcake treat.


Dirt has never looked so appetizing. This mini cupcake has a chocolate-based cake, a chocolate pudding frosting along with chocolate crumbles that mimic the look and feel of dirt. The dessert can be topped with a yellow candy moon or maybe gummy worms to fit the mud theme better. Thankfully it doesn’t mimic the taste of dirt!

Oviedo Cupcakes

Peanut Butter Cookie

This ghoulish mini cupcake will have all of your guests gasping when they taste it. A peanut buttery taste meets our tri-colored paint splattered frosting. Top this off with a mini sugar ghost, and you have an eerily delicious treat for your guests.

Caramel Apple

If you are looking for more traditional fall flavors for your mini cupcake, try our caramel apple mini cupcakes. This apple-based cake batter is made from scratch in our bakery with real green apples! A swirl of caramel throughout these Oviedo cupcakes and on top of the frosting gives it the nostalgic caramel apple taste you remember from your childhood. Top this off with a bright green frosting and the caramel apple mini cupcake is complete and ready to wow your guests.

Keep your eyes peeled for our Halloween collection to hit the shelves. Stop by our Sweet by Holly store or order online to get the perfect Halloween dessert!