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How To Choose Your Ideal Orlando Wedding Cake

Your Orlando wedding cake should be exactly what you’re looking for on your special day. Here’s how we can help make sure your wedding cake is exactly what you want. Your wedding day is coming up and it’s time to make some arrangements for tastings. How exciting! There are so many flavors, icings, and fillings […]

How A Wedding Planner Can Help You Choose The Perfect Wedding Cake

In the wedding industry trends in style and décor are constantly changing and evolving. The same has occurred with the wedding cake. This month we are having a guest blog by Immaculate Events, an event planner here in Orlando, Florida. Next month we will go back to our regularly scheduled posts. Enjoy! In the wedding […]

The Best Alafaya Wedding Cakes Or Cupcakes

How do you decide between an Alafaya wedding cakes or cupcakes? Today we are sharing key factors that will help you determine which style of cake is best for your event.  Deciding between having an Alafaya wedding cake or cupcakes is an age old debate. Your choice will depend on a few key factors, such […]