The Best Orlando Custom Cakes

Here at Sweet by Holly, we know a thing or two about custom cakes. In fact, we like to think we know a little more than that! We know all about Orlando custom cakes!

We know that our customers love our customizable cupcakes, which is why we know that our customers will enjoy our Orlando custom cakes!

So what exactly does custom cakes mean? It means a cake made to your specs and with you in mind.

Custom Orders

Orlando custom cakes

We offer Orlando custom cakes that can range in all sorts of different sizes. From 4 inches to 12 inches, they come in a variety of shapes, square, round, stacked or single. We can stack your cakes to the sky! Each one of our cakes is designed with you in mind with our signature quality ingredients.

Do you want a chocolate cake? A vanilla cake? A mix of both? Here at Sweet by Holly no cake is too small, no idea is too big! We can make the best Orlando custom cakes for you!

Custom Images

Orlando custom cakes

Do you have a picture you want on your cake? Is it a special someone’s birthday or anniversary? Then we can place a custom image on your cake (or cupcakes) for that special someone. We can customize your cake or cupcakes with a picture of your choosing.

Now isn’t that sweet?

For Your Birthday Celebration

Do you have a birthday coming up? Is it your boyfriend’s? Girlfriend’s? Or is it your own birthday? Well, here at Sweet by Holly, we can create a cake just for your boyfriend, girlfriend, or you.

And be sure to join our Sweet Club for special offers!

Do you want the best Orlando custom cakes around? Here at Sweet by Holly, we have just what you’re looking for. Call for your cake today (407-277-7746) or order online!